Choosing between sliding doors or bi-fold doors?  This is one of the most comprehensive articles I have come across on the subject from Real Homes:

Usually the clients will already have a preference for the doors, however sometimes the house or budget will dictate the final decision.  In one project the choice came down to the types of handle!

The only other points we can add to the list of things to consider are:

  • All the images in the Real Homes article show doors fully open on a warm bright clear day – consider what happens when you need a little bit of air just for ventilation, or to open a full panel on a dark rainy windy winter day to let a pet out or access the bike.
  • Lead times – many building/renovation products and supplies are on longer lead times at the moment, so consider the contingencies on door decisions and order in a timely way

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The images in this Inspired post are all taken from Clara Bee projects, those in the Real Homes article are others’.