Q. How do you choose an Interior Designer for your project?
Some people want a makeover to their home, they may have just moved or have lived with the same furnishings and décor for a number of years and want a change. Some clients want their new space created through an extension to have a specific look and feel. Some clients will willingly admit they they don’t have the first idea about how to start going about choosing a shade of white paint for a ceiling.

Some clients have ideas already about what they want, but don’t have the time to commit to sourcing all the fabrics furnishings, decorative accessories. We are passionate about design and form and keep up with all the latest trends and are constantly reviewing samples from a large number of suppliers.

The most important thing is to have a connection and a personal and positive relationship between the Client and the Interior Designer.

Q. Do you have a particular style?
You will see that there are a number of modern and contemporary style projects on our website but the skill of a good interior designer is understanding what their client hopes to achieve, what styles colours and ideas they like, how the home or room will be used and find the right style for that client. We relish the chance to cover any type of style, whether it is traditional, alternative, uber modern, minimalisitic, or totally just individual and personal to you.
Q. What do you charge?
For both Project Management and Interior Design projects once you have contacted us, we arrange to meet you and discuss the particular requirements of your project. This meeting is for an hour and is completely free, we find this is the best way to really get to know you and what you want, and for you to see whether our ideas and methods of working will be a match with you, this is a personal relationship and we want it to work as well as possible for you.

After we have had this meeting we will submit our proposal to you with our terms and conditions. Once this is signed we then formally start working for you.

The fee structure is explained at the one hour initial meeting. For Project Management broadly it’s a percentage of the overall project cost.

Q. What to think about before I meet you?
We want to make this meeting as constructive as possible so please have any of the following ready:

Any planning permissions – the plans, consents and any conditions:
Photos or examples (magazine cut outs etc) of anything that you like

Please have a think about any time constraints – house moves, new babies arriving, holidays, time spent abroad on work etc.

Please have a think about your realistic budget, and how you can finance this over any suggested project timescale.

Where this project may fit in with other work you are planning – e.g. if you are planning a garden redesign with a deck leading from the house in 18 months time we will need to factor in foundation and drainage work around a kitchen extension.

Details of any of your preferred contractors already – e.g. an architect you have used, builders carpenters etc.

Q. How do the contracts work?
Once we have had our Initial Meeting we send you our proposal and our terms and conditions. These are all a little different depending on whether what you need is an Interior Design Consultancy Service, full [Interior Design Services] or Project Management Services, or a combination of any of these. No client is the same and no project is the same.
Q. Hours of Business?
Weekdays we try and be as flexible as possible for daytime meetings and appointments throughout the whole day.  Building contractors often start very early!

As a husband and wife team, weekends are reserved for the family, however appreciating that our clients are often busy working professionals we make evening appointments available on Mondays and Wednesdays between 18:30 and 20:00.

Plenty of notice is given about holidays.

The Design Studio at Bellevue House is open every weekday from 9 am to 5.30 pm.