Summer is now officially over, so with Winter coming upon us – at Clara Bee we get ridiculously excited by a beautiful radiator.

They are exquisite items, and just photograph so satisfyingly too.

So please indulge our column radiator obsession here and at





Of course when you choose a radiator it is not just about the stylish looks, it has to be the right size and have the correct heat output (BTU) for the room size, there are specific calculations to be followed. Practical considerations over location in a room, the number, height, width, depth etc.

They can be wall hung or floor standing, pipework may need to be installed, moved or redone, think about the material, finish, feet, valves, stays and bushes.






You can probably tell how much we love radiators!  So if you need help with an interior design project and looking at changing yours please get in touch.