I was enthused to see the article in the Evening Standard on 10 March 2015, encouraging Londoners to consider investing in their homes – I’ve been saying that for years!

planWith a backdrop of low interest rates getting the money for refurbishments is cheap. For those who have a bit of money pugged away…..Those bank and building society saving schemes are delivering poor returns right now – even with the budgeted tax breaks that George Osborne announced last week.

Increasing the value of your home is not only great for enhancing your quality of life – by creating beautiful spaces for you to live in, but also proving to be a wise investment too!


Dumping Ground!

From Dumping Ground…..

New Gym? Playroom?

To a New Gym? Playroom?

From unloved jungle to......

From unloved jungle, to……

Heavenly Haven!

Heavenly Haven!


Clara x