For carpeted rooms, as with any flooring choice, you need to consider the use of the room, the traffic over the top (how hardwearing and durable it needs to be), preferences and style, the practicalities of balancing softness with cleaning and maintenance, and your budget.

For warmth softness and cosiness, a wool carpet is the obvious and traditional choice.  All carpets will improve insulation, absorb some sound, and are softer under foot compared to hard flooring.

Carpets come in various natural materials, mixes and purely artificial fabrics.

Natural materials such as sisal, seagrass, jute and coir are on the harder side to touch, and more prone to damage from spillages, however people appreciate their natural origins and better environmental credentials, in the manufacturing process and for recyclability.

A beautiful herringbone carpet in one of our recent projects – which is actually faux sisal, which means the carpet is very hard wearing and spillages can be easily spot washed, particularly useful in this flat where the reception room is the space for eating, entertaining and relaxing.  The carpet was continued through the hallways too, for continuity and to create the impression of openness and space.

This carpet was taken from the hallway, up the stairs, along landings and throughout the bedrooms in a large house, to give a beautifully cohesive and elegant look.

We love having fun choosing stair runners to create a statement grand feel to a staircase.

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Whatever your flooring needs, there is such a wide range of choice and so many factors to consider.  At Clara Bee we are very happy to help with the style, colour and practicalities and find the perfect solution for your home and family.