Project Description

There was no resistance from the Clara Bee team, on this magnificent project. Everyone wanted to be involved from the very start. A full property renovation and refurbishment for the main house and accompanying basement apartment. Not one millimetre of space was left untouched.

Interior Design and Project Management services were required to complete this project to the highest spec possible.

Now complete, it is hard not to be blown away by the exquisite and overwhelmingly grand appearance of this beautiful house. From the bottom step of the entrance, throughout the internal spaces and to the very end of the back garden, this property grabs the attention of the viewer.

Victoria Rise

“Following the purchase of our new home. We knew the refurbishment work would be extensive, but having never done a refurbishment project on this scale before, Clara Bee (Trevor) was vital in helping to define the different components and scope of the project. He helped us set an initial budget, that at least provided some context for the investment we were planning to make on refurbishing our new home. Trevor also advised us regarding the associated risks and complexities of what we were undertaking.

Once the project started. Trevor was very good at getting all the contractors to do what they were meant to, when they were meant to, in a co-ordinated fashion. There was a positive and professional relationship across the various contractors on site, which Trevor certainly helped facilitate.

We were kept informed throughout and the project management was of a very high quality. We couldn’t have done the project without it.

The Clara Bee team also provided all the interior design for this refurbishment. We are so happy with the support provided and are really enjoying our beautiful new home.”