Spending significantly more work, school, study and leisure time at home has made us critically consider the way various spaces work for the family living there.

Whether you call it your reception room, lounge, living room or drawing room – the place where you relax, escape, come together as a family or entertain, is an important part of your home.

Typical original layout for Victorian houses is ground floor; two reception rooms, front and middle, with kitchen at the rear.  For some people it works to open up the two rooms, others like a formal space and a playroom for younger children, or study place/den for older children that can be safely accessible but also closed off too.  Making space for a downstairs WC, utility room or home office is also achievable.

The options are vast, exciting and likely more affordable to adapt the home you have than move to find it.

There are some really exciting and inspiring ideas in the NappyValleyNet Design and Build Guide 2020 (see pages 84-88 in particular).


Clara Bee has worked on some wonderful projects over the years, we can help with designing, building, lighting, decorating and furnishing the space.

More photos are in the Projects section on our website https://www.clarabee.com/projects/ and also see our Pinterest Board https://www.pinterest.co.uk/clarabee1/living-room/