Balham Interior Design

Project Description
Fabulous wallpaper choice here in this hallway, you can almost hear the gentle buzz of the hummingbirds’ wings, with the most beautiful colours in the detail.  It was such a pleasure working on this project which involved the hallway wallpaper, colours, stair runner and lighting advice.

The client’s daughter’s bedroom was given a fresh makeover with lovely star wallpaper, new curtains and warm soft colour choices for the furniture and decor pulled the room together wonderfully.

The spare room has been redecorated with a vibrant and bold colour scheme, which is still relaxing and welcoming.

“The quality of this wallpaper (Madidi Hummingbird) is incredible, the depth and vibrancy of the colour outstanding.  There were some challenges with the hanging, however the sign of an excellent supplier is one like Newton Paisley that help and support you throughout. ”