Project Description

Project Preparation & Management & Interior Design for downstairs kitchen double extension and full remodelling of the reception, utility and WC spaces.

Project management of architects, builders, carpenters, lighting design, garden design and landscaping.

Bespoke carpentry for reception and media storage.

Interior Design support for colours, lights, fabrics upholstery and furnishings.




Project Gallery

I have recently finished an extensive, 18 month, project with Clara Bee involving the full refurbishment (and extension) of the ground floor, exterior and garden of my house. I knew from early on that I wanted to work with Trevor and Claire – i’d spoken to Trevor previously about a smaller project, and while they weren’t involved in that, i knew that they were the right people for the bigger piece of work further down the road. The two most important things for me, particularly for such a lengthy project where you spend a lot of time together… you can’t help but get on with them, and you genuinely feel that they are as personally invested as you are in making your project as successful as possible. 

On the project management side, Trevor’s support throughout was absolutely priceless. His attention to detail and understanding of all aspects of the design and build process are exemplary. He sees and understands things that the ‘layman’ client would have no chance of spotting. This saves enormous amounts of time, and therefore money. They have a number of recommended contractors and suppliers that they have previously used, but also link in with new ones that you may bring onto a project separately. I was rarely around for much of the project, and Trevor’s ability to coordinate across upto ten different contractors working on various different aspects of the project all at the same time was invaluable. I genuinely dread to think how much longer and how much more costly it would have been without that support and expertise. 

For the interior design, more than anything Claire helped me make sense of my own ideas. I was relatively hands on, but somewhat of a novice and she helped me both experiment and make sensible decisions. Again, the attention to detail was terrific, and Claire is wonderfully tolerant of being dragged round various shops, looking at endless samples.

I couldn’t be happier with the end result, and that couldn’t have happened without Claire and Trevor’s support and expertise. They’re terrific fun to work with (very important over that length of time!), and are more than worth the investment. I would highly recommend Clara Bee.