Carrying out a house renovation project? At Clara Bee we always advocate doing the garden at the same time rather than as a separate project for the future, for a number of reasons:

Cost economies – contractors are on site already, waste removal costs can be amalgamated and you are assured of getting the same batch quantities of materials (e.g. tiles inside and out)

Efficiency of layout – electrics, lighting and water can all be incorporated. Floor levels and drainage will work to best advantage when planned together.

Beautiful house inside – you want to look out on, and have immediate use of a complementary beautiful outside.

Time, stress and mess – ideally take this in one hit only.

Maturing gardens – take time to develop.

Real or artificial grass – it’s personal preference, subject to aspect and light too, and choice of maintenance ease however

Trees, plants, flowers – are essential for wildlife, nature, environment and well being.  Have these in abundance.

Whether you have a window box, balcony, courtyard garden or acres of land, find some inspiration on our Pinterest Board